Ryan Rau

Ryan Rau

Web Developer/IT Generalist

Personal Profile

Having gained countless skills through my years of work experience and private consulting, I have a strong grasp of all technology-based topics and the aptitude to learn quickly. My ability to communicate technical topics to those without expertise is one of the stronger qualities I have developed through troubleshooting scenarios and project management. This, combined with extensive knowledge of hardware and software, makes me a well-rounded asset to any company.

Work Experience

Marquette University Law School

Milwaukee, WI • September 2007 — Present

Web Developer/Marketer

The Marquette University Law School is the professional school for the study of law at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The school consists of 45 full-time professors and approximately 750 J.D. students.

  • Design and upkeep of the Law School website and its mini-sites. Sites include Marquette University Law SchoolThe Faculty Blog, The Marquette Law Poll, Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic, Law News, the Media Catalog, and more.
  • Assist various administrators with their email marketing needs. Process duties include email template creation, list management, email creation, copy editing, and the sending of emails.
  • Troubleshoot any hardware or software problem that may occur in the law school. Internal clients consist of students, faculty, and all other law school employees. Tasks include the every-day like replacing wireless mouse batteries to the complex like recovery after catastrophic hardware failure.
  • Responsible for the capture of our numerous guest lectures and special events. The process begins with the setup of a soundboard and testing of both wireless and wired microphones. Once the event begins I am responsible for the monitoring and adjustment of the audio, video capture via a stationary video camera, as well as event photography with a digital SLR. After the event is over I am responsible for taking the audio and making it available via a webcast, uploading the video to our site and adding the images to our event photo gallery. Past events have included visits from Bud Selig, Jim Lehrer, Edward Flynn and Tom Barrett.
  • Photographer for advertising assets

American Society for Quality

Milwaukee, WI • February 2004 — September 2007

Web Producer

The American Society for Quality (ASQ), headquartered in Milwaukee, WI is the world's leading authority on quality since 1946. The 104,000-member professional association creates better workplaces and communities worldwide by advancing learning, quality improvement, and knowledge exchange to improve business results.

  • Helped to scope and implement an enterprise Content Management System (Stellent).  Designed our web site within the CMS and migrated our existing content into to it.  During the migration I developed procedures, training, and documentation for future users.
  • In charge of company web analytics.  I use WebTrends to design campaigns, scenarios, templates and reports.  Using those customized elements I could track all technical data as well as calculate conversions of customers.
  • Led a design team that implemented the redesign of ASQ.org. The redesign consisted of moving and updating 50,000+ files of content. I assisted in creating site applications such as a more functional calendar. Using JavaScript, I was also able to reduce the number of templates that we need to manage from 200 to less than 50. The JavaScript not only reduced our template number but it also created a better browsing experience for our users by highlighting their current location on the site. Once the redesign was complete I trained our customer care department on new site functionality and information.
  • Designed and coded our company Intranet. Project consisted of moving and updating the design of 1000+ files of content. Once the redesign was complete I again had to train our customer care department on new site functionality and information.
  • Lead a team of five web designers responsible for upkeep of over 40,000 HTML and document files.
  • Designed and coded a PHP/MySQL work request form to automate our work process, saving time for our workgroup and internal customers.
  • Implemented includes to our website design, thus saving time when doing site-wide updates.  This cut our major update times from a full work day to five minutes.
  •  Designed and coded a RSS (Real Simple Syndication) tool to create a news feed to help alert our members of new content immediately after its creation.
  • 2nd level help desk for web issues
  • Discussion Board Administrator and Moderator
  • Designed and redesigned numerous web sites and web mail templates.
  • I was a member of the Computer Training Team.  I helped design curriculum for our “Computers Made Easy” class which consisted of six two hour classes offered as part of our internal learning courses.  I taught “Hardware and Computer Construction,” “Basic and Advanced Search Techniques,” “Know Your Control Panel,” and “Everything You Need to Know about Files and File Extensions.”

Harrison Career Institute

Jersey City, NJ • August 2002 — June 2003


Harrison Career Institute was a private, post-secondary technical school, State licensed in the 4 state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) it offered programs in the fields of Medical, Computer, and Legal. The nature of these programs were to prepare a student to be immediatly employable upon graduation into an entry level position.

  • Head instructor of the Computer Operations and Help Desk Management (COHDA) program at HCI. The course was designed to prepare students for the Microsoft Office Specialist Exams as well as teach them help desk and other tech skills.
  • Taught mixed age and ability students the skills necessary to obtain an entry level job as either a help desk analyst or operations specialist.
  • Classes taught included an A+ tech class, MCSE Level Networking (Net+), Expert level Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Word, Outlook), Operating Systems (98/NT/Linux), Basic Java Programming, Customer Service, career readiness, and keyboarding.
  • Taught 10 hours a day so organization and lessons plans were a key to success.
  • Managed a 30 computer Windows/Linux network that I created to facilitate file and printer sharing. Was responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the network.
  • Used such programs at Microsoft IEAK 6, Norton Ghost and other networking tools for deployment of programs over the network.
  • Position included countless other skills including test making, grade keeping, homework creation, creating forms and templates via the Office Suite, and counseling.

Wisconsin Primate Research Center

Madison, WI • June 2001 — June 2002

Web Developer

WPRC is one of the top primate research facilities in the US.  They are one of seven national centers in the US.  I was responsible for their web site which is one of the most comprehensive primate sites in the world.  I updated pages and designed new pages for special projects.  The projects included:

  • Touch screen Kiosk for the lobby
    Sole creator of the kiosk.  Created the layout, the image creation/editing, coding, and the setup and installation of the centers touch screen kiosk.  This project is runs in full screen mode on a  touch screen display that resides in the lobby of UW-Madison Primate Center.
  • Meetings Calendar page
    This is a definitive resource for primatalogists throughout the world.  It provides information about the conferences and workshops going on throughout the world.  It was previously done manually but I automated the process.  It runs off of a MySQL database and was written in PHP, both of which I did.  It includes submission forms and automated emails sent to the admin and the user.  I did the entire project start to finish by myself.
  • Conservation Information Service page
    Not yet released, this is a service that is going to be used in getting grants for primate research.  It is a joint venture between Wisconsin Primate Research Center and the Harvard Eye Research Institution.  I did the entire site.  I was responsible for the layout, coding, and image creation/editing.
  • Primate Info Net
    I was responsible for upkeep of the entire site.  The site gets over 8 million hits a year.  Aside from keeping it up to date with current information I added virtual headers and footers, as well as adding a cookie crumb trail.
  • Callicam - Live Marmoset Exhibit
    Set up a live web cam allowing live viewing of the marmoset exhibit in the lobby of the primate center.

One of the other web based responsibilities I had was the World Directory of Primatologists. It is a 800+ person email list of primatologists throughout the world.  I was responsible for making sure all their information was current and up to date.  This included organizing their information and sometimes included using online translators.
Aside from the web site I also setup and was responsible for a 10 computer network.  This allowed file, printer and scanner sharing.  I also upgraded many computers including their software, hardware (RAM, SCSI, etc.) and BIOS.

I created a full page color advertisement for the Primate Research Center that was used in the American Society of Primatologists' 25th Conference booklet. All graphics and the layout were part of the project.

Bemis Manufacturing, Inc.

Sheboygan Falls, WI • May 1998 - January 2001

Grinder/Maintenance/Forklift Operator

Bemis is a large plastics company that manufactures countless products.  It is a large company that implements the latest technology into its manufacturing processes.

  • Ground up faulty parts in an industrial grinder.  Weighed the regrind product, labeled it, put it into the computer system and shipped it to the correct destination.
  • Replaced broken electronics on grinders.  I replaced capacitors, relays, resistors and other faulty electronic parts.
  • I welded different pieces of machinery using arch, wire and oxyacetylene.
  • I was a fill in forklift driver for the full time employees on vacation.

Key Skills

Outstanding skills in HTML, CSS, and framework customization. Specializing in Drupal, WordPress, and the entire hardware and software stack associated with them.

I have worked with a broad range of people making it easy to communicate with people on all levels.

Grew up on a farm so I have the farmer know how and work ethic to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (all releases), masOS (all realeases), Linux terminal for headless box operations

Software: Microsoft Office (all releases Mac/Windows) Photoshop Suite through CSS 2007, Photoshop CS4, SAS, STATA

Hardware: DVDs, RAM, Processors, HDs, RAID/JBOD, Mobos; If it has a microchip I can support it.

Languages: PHP, Python, JavaScript, C++, Visual Basic, DOS Batch

Networking: Routers (Basic CISCO), Switches, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Apache, IIS

Databases: MySQL, Microsoft Access

Miscellaneous: 3D Printing with Fusion 360, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, IoT